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Fandom News Daily is a little project that’s been set up to have all your fandom news on your favourite TV Shows and films in one place. And right now, we need YOU to help us. 

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  · Supernatural Season 10 Spoiler


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  · 'Supernatural' season 10 premiere, spoilers: Production kicks off for October 7 air date

Check out this news article about Supernatural Season 10 spoilers: 

He also said that the tenth season tackles Dean’s reincarnation as a demon. Reports said that Dean will encounter challenges coming to terms with the fact that he transformed into a demon, which is what he dreaded and feared the most.” 

The title of this YouTube video claims that Jensen has come back to Vancouver to start shooting Supernatural, lets hope so! 

  · Our reporter Holly meets Felicia Day at Convention

Holly shares with us her story on the day she met Felicia Day, and even got a tweet back from her! 


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  · Season 10 premier date finalised by Jared Padalecki

  · Proof that Adam Glass from Supernatural is a tease

Further confirmation that filming prep is in the works. And I think I’m with the whole fandom when I say, YES YOU ARE A TEASE ADAM GLASS! 


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  · Filming prep to begin on Supernatural Season 10?

1 month and 4 days after the finale to Season 9 was aired and hellatus is still with us in the SPNFamily. Well don’t you cry no more my friends, as filming prep is to begin soon on Supernatural Season 10. 

So drop your bagels and start to celebrate. 

(gif from pondlifeforme's post

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  · 10 things I want to see happen in season 10 

Supernatural, as we all know, started in 2005. It’s coming up to its 10th season in 2015, reaching 200 episodes and over. So I compiled a list of things that I thought would be super cool if they happened. 



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  · As a reminder, "A Wild Endeavour" is NOT an official BBC production but a failed fan-film project


The post going around Tumblr suggesting it’s an official and fully-authorized spin-off from Doctor Who that has been given the thumbs-up by the BBC is, of course, a load of bollocks. It’s a fan-film project that was trying to raise over $1.25 million dollars to tell a story that wasn’t theirs to tell. Their reasoning behind why they asked for so much money, which is essentially “Veronica Mars raised tons and that’s not even on the air anymore, I bet we can raise loads more than that" - is fucking preposterous, especially considering they’re not affiliated with the BBC in any way, shape or form.

There is nothing even remotely official about this project, and the powers-that-be have made it clear time and again that they have no interest in telling a prequel story about the origins of the Doctor.

Wanting something to be a thing does not make it so. Once again I refer you to this post which outlines how easy it is to fact-check this stuff.